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When downtime is out of question

Make your business operations truly non-stop!

In a world that never stops emphasising the importance of a ‘non-stop’ business environment is needless. In certain domains where prompt and continuing access to information and services is required, downtime is simply out of question, even for a minute, regardless of whether it is a planned or not planned downtime.

Our Information NonStop solutions:

Business continuity management

Automated support for business continuity

The advanced solutions supplied by DataCare support the management of business continuity risks at the highest level.

NonStop Platform

Technology for critical information systems

If the continuity of business operations and the availability of information are especially critical for a company then nothing but fault tolerant information systems and solutions that have been prepared for truly 'non-stop' operation with no downtime under any conditions will suffice.

NonStop applications

Customised NonStop applications

In certain sectors and industries, real-time availability of information and continuous access to services are a particularly critical requirement.