Manage your data throughout its entire lifecycle!

Data lifecycle management is a procedure that you can use to control your business data, from creation to retirement. During its lifecycle, a data item may appear in extremely varied applications, various databases and on different data storage devices. Proper management of specific data in ever expanding data sets composed of various data types presents an increasingly difficult challenge for the companies.

Using DataCare solutions you can monitor data trends regardless of whether the data is structured – that is, it can be stored in relational databases – or it is in a non-structured format.

Thanks to our services, your company or organisation will

  • save costs: you can rationalise infrastructural expenses, increase the output of your systems, produce better organized data and use policies to archive your data
  • reduce risks: with accurate information the company can make better decisions, you can reduce system downtime and the time spent maintaining applications
  • Responding to changes in the business environment is easier and faster