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Manage your corporate information more efficiently!

The sophisticated and proven solutions of DataCare will help your company exercise real control over the available information!

Information is perhaps the most valuable corporate asset, and for this reason the way you manage it is of utmost importance. Information Governance is a comprehensive set of tools, consisting of a complex amalgam of procedures, rules and measurements that help you gain an accurate knowledge of how your company’s information is generated, where it is stored, and who and with what permissions can access them, how it should be archived and then erased.

With DataCare solutions your company or organisation can

  • better understand the available information: you can analyse your data and the relationships between your data items, regardless of their format, their place and method of storage, and how they are related to each other
  • improve and correct data: you can obtain accurate, reliable, consistent and up-to-date datamanage your data throughout its full life-cycle: from the moment of its creation until it is destroyed, keeping track of the relationship between data items, protecting and securing sensitive data
  • have information to act on: your company can respond faster and more efficiently, using reliable, accurate and managed data

Our Information Governance solutions:

Data and data structure discovery

Document management re-imagined!

Document management gains a new meaning these days. Business information is stored in a number of formats in the corporate information systems. In the era of social media, mobile information systems and big data, finding information and documents in a clearly arranged and interpretable format is a challenge.

Data quality management

Information - always at the right place, always at the right time!

No matter how dispersed it is inside the information system of your company or organisation, literally all the information will be accessible and interpretable by using the solution of DataCare, including documents, audio files, images, videos and social media elements.

Data lifecycle management

Manage your data throughout its entire lifecycle!

Data lifecycle management is a procedure that you can use to control your business data, from creation to retirement. During its lifecycle, a data item may appear in extremely varied applications, various databases and on different data storage devices. Proper management of specific data in ever expanding data sets composed of various data types presents an increasingly difficult challenge for the companies.

Test data management

Test data - easily, quickly, anytime!

Using DataCare solutions you can optimise and automatise tasks related to test data. The solution can be used to quickly and easily create suitably scaled, anonymised and masked databases which are identical to the original live databases, and provide great assistance in the software developers' and testers' work.