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Big value from big data!

DataCare knows how to convert it!

In our world, tremendous amounts of extremely diverse new digital data are created at a mind-boggling pace from day to day, from minute to minute. As we know, the volume of data generated in the world is doubled every two years. This phenomenon is called ‘Big Data’. For many people, Big Data is synonymous with a data storage and data management problem, and an ever increasing one. In order for Big Data to mean Big Value and Big Opportunity, a new approach and novel technologies are needed. Mining useful information from the huge volumes of data – that, in itself, represent little value – opens up new, revolutionary opportunities for development and growth. DataCare knows how to convert Big Data to Big Value for your company or organisation!

Analysing huge volumes of greatly varied data (structured and unstructured) jointly, our Information Analytics solutions aim to extract useful information from hidden patterns and correlations, even in real time. Its primary purpose is to enable companies or organisations to make better decisions in a timely manner. Applications built on artificial intelligence technology are suitable for extracting information that cannot be mined by traditional ‘business intelligence’ programs. Its areas of application are extremely diverse.

Our Information Analytics solutions:

Big Data management

Extracting information from Big Data!

Efficient and successful business managers in the world have realized that their success depends more and more on how they are able to get a grasp on the '4V characteristics' of the data (velocity, variety, volume and value) and leverage them. Information has become the cornerstone of competitive advantage.

Big Data based security solutions

Security redefined!

A novel kind of almost real-time or follow-up analysis of data, images, audio, video and email data allows DataCare to implement its new security solutions. New prospects will be opened up in connection with maintaining and protecting information and assets in the company's possession.

Data correlation management

Managing correlations between data originating from different systems!

If searching for correlations between data from different systems and managing them present a challenge for your company then you should consider DataCare's offering of data correlation management solutions.